Brushing Too Hard

One of the common sensitive teeth causes is brushing too hard which can not only damage your enamel but it can also lead to gum recession which exposes softer parts of your tooth. If you’re the kind of brusher who goes through brushes faster than you go through floss, this could be you!

Lack of Routine

To avoid the difficulty having sensitive teeth causes, you may need to revise your approach to daily oral health. It’s not worth the problems you could face. Instead of being casual and/or once-in-a-while about your brushing, flossing and rinsing, make the effort to establish a routine and try incorporating fluoride products to help strengthen your enamel. When enamel is worn down it exposes your dentin, leading to exposure for tooth sensitivity.

Receding Gums

Gum recession is one of the most obvious sensitive teeth causes. The nerve branches that live inside the root are exposed when gums pull away from teeth. What’s responsible for this retraction of the gum tissue? Could be harsh brushing, or a genetic propensity to gum disease. Watch out for both!

Acids in Your Diet

Citrus fruits, tomatoes, yogurt, sour cream and aged cheeses are all highly acidic. So are orange juice, sports drinks, wine and carbonated sodas. If these items form a large part of your regular diet, be aware that they are also sensitive teeth causes. Acidic food and drink can break down tooth enamel and leave the sensitive tissue underneath exposed. If you’re able to avoid sharp-tasting and/or sour food and drinks, you eliminate one of the biggest sensitive teeth causes.

Sugars in Diet

It probably comes as no surprise that among the sensitive teeth causes, sugar is a peak offender. A steady supply of treats such as cookies, cake and candy contributes to bacteria growing. The acids produced by the bacteria in plaque can breakdown tooth structure. Monitor your intake of candies and sweets to protect your teeth.