Your enamel keeps your sensitive teeth from chilling too far out when ice cream and other cool treats make contact. So don’t drown your oral care worries with a scoop of gelato. When enamel is worn, cold stuff = sensitive teeth. Even breathing chilly air can hurt.


Hot fluids including coffee, tea and soup, when enamel is worn = sensitive teeth. You wouldn’t want hot water splashed on your skin, would you? Sensitive teeth can’t handle that, either.


Your sensitive teeth don’t love citrus fruits, tomatoes, pickles, sour candies, diet soda and wine. The acids in these and other culprits can wear away enamel, exposing sensitive teeth to trouble.


Your sensitive teeth don’t love sugar and sweets, but the bacteria in your mouth sure do! The more of it you eat, the more acid they make — which will have harmful effects on your enamel. Some offenders are worse than others — try to avoid soda, sports drinks and sugary juices.


Here’s an easy rule to follow to protect your sensitive teeth: don’t bite so hard! When you crunch ice, hard candies and nuts, it can cause tooth cracks. The exposed nerves translate to sensitive teeth.

There are ways to soothe sensitive teeth. And have you tried rinsing with LISTERINE TOTAL CARE FOR SENSITIVE TEETH®?