Healthier Mouths, Healthier Planet

We envision a world where everyone, everywhere recognizes that a healthy mouth is an important part of a healthy self. When we say we’re committed to helping you achieve great oral health, we’re also making a commitment to do it in a responsible, sustainable way that will help protect our planet.

Choiceful Ingredients

We fill our bottles with carefully chosen and high-quality ingredients, backed by science.

  • COOL MINT® Mouthwash flavor oil contains 30% mints that are traceable all the way to their original farmers
  • Our LISTERINE® Essential Oils are inspired by nature
  • Our mouthwashes are free from parabens and triclosan

Responsible Packaging

We continuously strive to reduce packaging waste, using more recyclable, recycled and renewable materials.

  • Our clear Listerine bottles are made of the most recycled plastic material in the world, and recyclable in most markets
  • To avoid having caps end up in the environment, keep them ON the bottle when recycling
  • We’re striving for 100% certified responsibly sourced or post-consumer recycled paper and pulp packaging by 2025
  • We will begin launching packaging with post-consumer plastic (PCR) in 2022 with an aspiration to get to 100% by 2030

Resource Conservation

We are focused on innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse emissions, increase energy and water efficiency, and conserve our environmental resources.

  • Our Cool Mint® mouthwash flavor oil is concentrated and requires shipment of less volume to our facilities, which conserves non-renewable resources
  • We’re part of the Johnson & Johnson mission to source 100% of the electricity powering our operations from renewable sources
    • Already, 30% is produced or procured from renewable energy sources, and J&J is on track to exceed our 2020 goal
    • As of 2019, J&J has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 32% vs a 20% goal

Johnson & Johnson Corporate: Our Commitment

Our commitment to making a difference extends beyond LISTERINE®. Learn how our parent company, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, is taking action to make the planet healthier.