It catches you off-guard. It’s sudden and spiky and unforgiving. If you’ve experienced tooth pain due to tooth sensitivity, you know what we’re talking about. And you’re not alone. It’s estimated that half the population suffers from sensitive teeth– we feel you! (Especially, anyone with a sweet tooth – they’re at higher risk for the surprising sharp twinge of tooth pain associated with sensitive teeth.) Unfortunately, multiple love affairs with many treats may need to end. If you can bid farewell to ice cream, cupcakes, even that cup of morning joe, tooth pain due to sensitive teeth might resolve itself.

Why do I have tooth pain associated with sensitivity?

Teeth are tough on the outside, but inside they’re real softies. The sensitive parts beneath the hard enamel include blood and lymph vessels, nerves and soft tissue. If these tender bits get exposed, it’s because your enamel is wearing thin or soft covering of the root called cementum is lost or your gums have receded. Heat, cold, acids, sweets – you’ll feel these like never before. But there are a few simple measures to help manage tooth pain due to tooth sensitivity.

Tips for Tooth Pain due to Sensitivity

Can’t handle the discomfort? You’re not alone! Thankfully, you can help manage this kind of sensitivity – but it’s even better if you can prevent it happening in the first place, to avoid painful breakups with the foods and drinks you love.

  • Acidic foods can wear away enamel, expose your tender spots, and cause tooth pain. Try to cut down on starches and sugars, especially away from meals as part of snack time.
  • Over-brushing can wear down your enamel. Brush regularly, yes, but try to stay gentle.
  • A softer brush and toothpaste for sensitive teeth can both help with your tooth pain.
  • A rinse with fluoride can help strengthen enamel – even protect against acid erosion and enamel loss contributing to tooth sensitivity. In LISTERINE TOTAL CARE FOR SENSITIVE TEETH®, the additional active ingredient Potassium Nitrate helps reduce tooth pain associated with tooth sensitivity. Or try LISTERINE ULTRACLEAN® Enamel Protection ZERO to help strengthen your tooth enamel (with ZERO alcohol for a less intense taste).