Children’s oral health starts at home – and home is the last word on the matter, too. If you set a good example and pass on good habits, you’re ahead of the game and your kids will follow suit.

When Should I First Bring My Child To The Dentist?

By the time they turn one, or within six months of their first tooth coming in, whichever is earlier, is when the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) recommends children’s oral health should include a dentist visit. You and your child will learn about good cleaning habits, and as a heads-up, the dentist may mention fluoride.

When to Start Brushing?

Fluoride is the single most valuable component in maintaining children’s oral health, according to the Canadian Dental Association. (P.S. That applies for adults, too!) But kids up to three years of age only need fluoride if a dentist decides they’re at high tooth-decay risk. Otherwise, brush your kid’s teeth with water until they’re three. At that point, start a toothpaste portion the size of a grain of rice.

When Should Baby Teeth Start To Fall Out?

Usually from the ages of five or six through to around age 12! But don’t let the fact your kid will be losing their baby teeth prevent taking care of them. Kids need to chew food, and as they’re learning new words, teeth help them form different sounds — all of which require healthy, pain-free teeth. Your children’s oral health counts from the beginning.