Even if you are on top of your oral hygiene, bad breath can still pop up. Here are some common everyday situations in which a quick, whole mouth clean feeling might be just the ticket you are looking for.

1. The Commute Coffee

Stopping for coffee on your way into work may be an essential part of your routine. Especially on Monday mornings. But, the caffeine in coffee reduces saliva production in your mouth. Less saliva means an increase in bad breath-causing bacteria. Meaning you may want to take 30 seconds and give your mouth a quick clean before greeting your co-workers.

2. A Busy Day at Work

Whether it’s the quick lunch you had to take because you’re running from client to client, the birthday that was just celebrated with those special cupcakes or just an afternoon snack, those sugary, high-fat and high-protein foods can produce breath that is not nearly as fresh as your idea to boost sales.

3. First Date

Meeting someone for the first time can be stressful. But, it’s important not to panic. Even though you may have brushed, flossed and rinsed before you got to the restaurant, those short deep breaths can dry out your mouth and release unpleasant odors. Ruining the potential for a pleasant evening.

4. Drinks with Friends

Meeting up with friends is always a great way to release stress. But, the more you toast to good times, the more bacteria can build up and can linger in your mouth long after the party is over.